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The Duende Community Enterprise Group (DCEG), LLC & Duende Naturál was founded in 2012 by a group of friends from Brooklyn, New York with strong Caribbean roots and a passion for nature and the environment. "Duende" is a Spanish word which means the smallest spark of spiritual essence.


Our Mission

Our aim is to create an ecologically sustainable future for ourselves, our children and our communities. We go by the virtues of living in nature for nature lives within us and natural, organic, and earth-friendly practices is an everyday lifestyle we're excited to share.


Duende Naturál uses earth-based living skills, nature awareness, and indigenous practices to create a partnership between our members, visitors, students and the environment using the tenants of permaculture of which there are three ethics: Care for the earth, Care for people, and Fair share.


We intend to provide members with the competence necessary to help support their health, happiness and overall well-being making sure they are self sufficient, enabling them to take better care of themselves, family, community, and the environment.


Community Goal

At the core of our mission, we are creating both an Eco-lodge and sustainable community starting first on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica.



If we use the principles of Duende as it relates to the authenticity of struggle and cooperative economics when evaluating the impact of environmental and land issues on our communities.  Then It forces us to incorporate culture, economy, and ecology into defining what in essence is a base platform for political resiliency. These facets then become the key performance indicators to continuously measure the sustainability, health and wealth of our communities.


Legendary actress, Eartha Kitt once said,


“I've always said to my men friends, If you really care for me, darling, you will give me territory. Give me land, give me land."


Profound words that echo the sentiment our core. The land development process is continually evolving. We must be prepared to respond to fluctuating markets trends, decreased land availability and economic trends. The successful developer stays abreast of social, economic, legal and design factors.


Our development division acquires Raw Land, for community partnered ecotourism development, and markets portions of the purchased land for eco-village and intentional community development, permaculture redesign and resale to the sustainably conscious marketplace at affordable prices.


These works are done in conjunction with our cooperative offspring, Black Land Matters. For details about our Black Land Matters Real Estate Investment Cooperative, visit blacklandmatters.com. We believe, wherever Blackfolk are, Black Land Matters!


Spaces Available for 2018 Duende Naturál Experiences*

For full schedule details click here


Brother's Health as Wealth Retreat – starting at $1,540*

February 19 - 25, 2018 (limited spaces available)

February 2019 - TBA


Women's Caribbean Revitalize Retreat – starting at $1,565*

March 6 -13, 2018 (limited spaces available)

March 2019 - TBA


August Family Caribbean Excursion – price TBA#

August 2019 - TBA



Egypt On the Potomac Fieldtrip – starting at $137.50*#

with Anthony Browder

July 2018 - TBA


*Dates and rates are tentative until they are available for sale.

**Payment plans available. Click here for more details.

#Child rates available.





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Duende Naturál

Duende Naturál