Egypt On the Potomac Field Trip - 2016 RECAP

Duende Naturál & Black Land Matters Finds Egypt in Washington, DC!

                                                         by M'Bwebe Aja Ishangi



“Sharpen your eyes and tune your ear so you'll know what you see, understand what you hear.”

 — Listervelt Middleton


As part of our 2016 tours, our Egypt On the Potomac Field Trip with Anthony Browder followed by our Informational Soirée May 7th was an awe-inspiring experience!


One of the most stunning symbols we learned was the presence of two *Tekhenw symbolizes a timeline: the Tekhen on the left stands for the past, on the right the Tekhen stands for the future, and the space in between the present.

(*Tekhenw is plural for Tekhen, also erroneously called an Obelisk and Cleopatra’s Needle)


It is very clear Browder's keen knowledge on the design and makeup of the Nations' Capitol bear clairvoyance to the fact the trans-generational leaders of the world aim to maintain their position as vanguards of Afrikan cryptic knowledge and history having to only acknowledge its truth to another Afrikan if we are “on the level" — which in most cases means you’re a 32nd degree Mason — which could be a reason as to why of the many original stolen Tekhenw placed around sacred places in the world, few if any are in pairs.


Browder quoted Listervelt Middleton throughout the Field trip as we were introduced, better put, re-initiated into the mysteries of our Ancestors as creators of geometrics, math and symbolism using the constellations to bring heaven to earth as masterfully done by Washington, DC planner, Benjamin Banneker — a free Afrikan. Through Browder’s easy to digest teaching style, in a few short hours we were equipped to exercise the significant power of recalling our past through observation of the alignment of building structures and numbered streets, connecting to the present to chart a promising future.


Thanks to Brother Browder, our eyes have been sharpened and ears tuned as we look to counter the next wave of Transition 13.


Our plans through Duende Naturál and Black Land Matters serve as the metaphoric space between the Tekhenw (the present) to bridge a self-determining future for ourselves... We hope you concur and will consider joining us.



“I've always said to my men friends If you really care for me darling you will give me territory. Give me land give me land.”

 — Legendary actress Eartha Kitt



Our method was introduced at our Informational Soirée following the Field trip. In summation, through our ‘ 30 for 30 Plan’, we look to pool 30 folks interested in committing to saving a minimum of $5,000 each amounting to $150K in funds to acquire Costa Rican and also domestic land projects we've scouted to build intentional diasporic communities through membership of our Black Land Matters Real Estate Investment Cooperative (BLM-REIC). We also look for these members to commit a minimum of 30 minutes a week toward committee work that will be tasked at our meet-ups.


Capping of a mentally festive meal, so were next our bellies as we were treated to a most delicious spread of Kenyan food for dinner. Masterfully prepared by Anna Stephens, we were served Pilau rice, cassava in coconut sauce, lentil salad, grilled fish and chapati bread.


We will be continuing these "next level" talks with those interested at our series of meet-ups planned throughout the spring and summer (as subscribers of this email list, you will receive invitations).


Stay tuned and please share with your family and friends!


Wherever Blackfolk Are, Black Land Matters!



Next steps

• Become a member of BLM-REIC! —


• Stay tuned for our next meet-ups in your area! —


• Come with us to Costa Rica this year!

Join our annual August Family Caribbean Excursion on the Caribbean Coast and get a taste of 'Pura Vida' or 'the Pure Life'!






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• The Future of Our Past - Using Cooperatives to Survive and Compete in the Next Twenty Years
This 39-minute presentation looks at a series of core issues stemming from Emancipation as well as Integration that's led to the rise and fall of our collective loss of land economics and opportunity and how resuscitating the use of the Cooperatives can be a key factor in the next two decades.
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Black Land Matters featured on the Laura Flanders show

Black Land Matters' co-founder, Mark Scott joined Weeksville Heritage Center's Tia Powell Harris on the Laura Flanders show on the historic relevance of using cooperatives as a tangible solution to addressing the disparities of POADUS' (People of African Descent in the United States) socio-economic opportunities.

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The Classified Origin of D.C.

When speaking of the origin of Washington, D.C., the founding “fathers” of this country showed their enormous affinity toward ancient Kemet. Master Historian, Anthony Browder reveals this Afrikan influence with his field trips of D.C. This Video Article both honorz and serves as a complimentary visual of his works.

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