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Health as Wealth - Awaken Your Spirit, Wisdom Is Wealth!

Brothers, How Are You Feeling: Dealing with the stresses of today’s world: Frustration, Lost, Unhappy, Anxiety, Lethargic, etc ...


How We Can Help: Booking the Brothers Health as Wealth Retreat with Duende Naturál & Black Land Matters on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica will help you become spiritually awakened by reconnecting to nature through collective design in stress relief practice: meditation, yoga, self-healing, awakening, and brotherhood bonding. We look to instill work ethics to improve individual drive and communal results using silent therapy techniques, tech talks, and group accountability.


Do you take time out in meditation or time to simply reflect on the deeper things of life, and re-evaluate direction? Every Brother needs this... time to experience silence. Sit in the stillness, the solitude, and just enjoy the moment to reflect.


As men, we need to be challenged. We need group encounters to encourage one another to step up and deliver in life. We will identify and walk your path of self-confidence and self-awareness together.


Our retreat is perfect for you if you are:

  • Going through any major stress, frustration, depressive states of mind, life changes.

  • Looking to connect to mind, body, spirit, and looking for assistance to find your purpose in life.

  • Searching for safe place to talk openly with other men.


Cost of Trip

The cost per person is $1540.00 USD [*$1386.00 Early Bird]

*10% Early Bird Ends December 1, 2017

Final Payment due January 19, 2018.
We will arrange a monthly payment plan.

**This is a male adult-only trip**

**Black Land Matters REIT members get 15% off all our Costa Rica trips!


Payment Options:

  1. You have the option of choosing to pay in full up front and if you do using PayPal Credit, you can get what you want now and keep your money in your pocket. Pay now or pay over time with PayPal Credit. Just use *PayPal Credit* in PayPal checkout. Or,

  2. We will schedule a 2-3 month payment plan. We will send invoices one week before: ie. June 16, September 16, and December 16. If you'd like to pay in full, send payments before due dates or would like to pay more than installment rate, let us know!

  3. We also accept Bitcoin and Ethereum digital currency as payment. Inquire at for details.



Trip Details

The Brothers Health As Wealth Retreat will take place from February 19 - 25, 2018. We will be meeting at and leaving the San Jose international airport (SJO) by 2pm. We ask that you plan to be on a flight that will land in San Jose by 12 pm February 19. Our bus will depart at 2 pm. Your flight home should be no earlier than 2pm on February 25.


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Blessed House is an Eco lodge set on a lush 2.5 acres property with a pool perfect for sunbathing, cooling off from a vigorous tour, or just sitting and enjoying the natural environment. A wonderful blend of natural landscaping surrounds the lodge with an outdoor kitchen and dinning area. The property is set on the side of a small mountain with a hiking trail which leads to the observation deck with a breath taking panoramic view of the jungle and the ocean!



In various activities, we use the best local specialty guides with years of expertise in introducing tourists to the natural beauty & culture of  the Caribbean Coast.  We work mostly with local guides as well as with tourism non-profit organizations such as ATEC, which make sure that the local indigenous communities benefit from tourism revenues while protecting the environment and the traditional way of life.



All Duende Naturál Tours are an experience to raise your awareness and to educate you about the lowland tropical rainforest, cultural heritage of the Afro-Caribbean & Indigenous communities as well as sustainable land implementations which are practiced in this region. Our guides will do their best to share their knowledge and interpret the great diversity of life forms in their natural setting. Transportation. We provide all transfers during the week. An air conditioned van or minibus, driven by a bilingual driver/guide.


How to Prepare for our Retreats:

This retreat is not for the weak-of-heart. It is for men who want to engage in mental, spiritual, and physical transformation and find their purpose in life that refuses to let them remain less than who they were created to be.


As we move through our lives it is our intentions that make the difference. What do you need in your life for stress management and reconnection to self? What do you need in order to let go of fear, social problems, and frustration? How can you grow within and become a balanced man in today’s society?


This retreat isn't solely physical, this is a Brothers Health as Wealth Retreat where we will challenge ourselves daily with mental, spiritual, and physical activities in the vein of Ecology, Economics, and Culture:


I. Ecology

The Caribbean coast of Costa Rica holds nearly 5% of world's biodiversity. What better place to fine tune our connection with brothers than in nature?


II. Economics

Part of our realignment with nature and community will consist of using conventional practices and apply them to available sustainable opportunities.


III. Culture

The Caribbean coast is home to thousands of Blacks from the African Diaspora. We will be 20 minutes from Cahuita, the first black town of the Talamanca region, where we've established solid relationships and experiences. You will find this place is truly a home away from home.


Packing List

Before departing, you will receive a comprehensive list of suggested things to bring on the Caribbean Experience in your Welcoming Trip Packet.



Coming on our retreat is an important step to renewed fitness, added vitality and wellness. It's a significant step, and we know you have questions about the kind of experience you can expect and about what's in it for you. Is this the right choice? You're probably wondering:


Q: What exactly is the benefit for me? The individual benefit is improved cardiovascular fitness and renewed vitality and energy. Remember when you were in great shape? When you had strength and stamina? We'll help get you back there. The communal benefit is you won't be doing this alone.


Q: I'm not in great shape right now. Am I going to be able to keep up? Yes. We have hiking groups for all fitness levels. You will get an experience suited to your fitness and energy level. You'll work hard, but you'll never have to struggle to keep up.


Q: Actually, I'm in pretty good shape. Am I going to have to slow down or wait for others? Yes and no. The purpose of our retreat is challenging our individual selves to work and find shared solutions and implement them efficiently together. We believe our extended community is vital to the raising of our immediate families. In todays climate, Diasporic Africans most certainly need it.


Q: I'm taking medication. Is that a problem? If your doctor doesn't think it's a problem, we don't either. We want you to check in with your health care provider and tell him or her about the activities you'll be doing. We cater to who you are and keep a careful watch. In most cases as your general fitness increases, your dependence on some medications (blood pressure, cholesterol) may decrease.


Q: I notice that I get a free day off in between sessions. What do I do? You could sleep late, hang out at the property, sit in the steam room, or go into town. We can arrange a day of local activity such as kayaking, snorkeling, zip lining or horseback riding.


Q: Aren't these kind of programs really for women… or New Age types? I'm neither. We're not a New Age boot camp retreat, although we certainly take a holistic approach (health, wealth, knowledge of ourself). We are a high-energy, fitness and culturally grounded tour designed to meet the needs of Diasporic African men. And what better place to have it than in Mother Nature's classroom: the Caribbean coast!


Our Brothers Health as Wealth Retreat is calling you. Do this one for yourself and our community!


Great! How do I sign up?

To reserve your spot on the trip, register and make your secure deposit of $300.00 USD per person via Paypal HERE.


Once we reach the minimum needed and call the trip, the $300.00 deposit becomes non-refundable — we need to enforce this policy in order to cover loss from last-minute cancellations.


No refunds are provided on Duende Naturál Tours. If you cancel your attendance before January 19, 2018, no refund will be provided. Duende Naturál offers a one time transfer which is available up to 30 days before departure date of your original date. To qualify for a transfer, your original tour must be paid in full for your original booking. If you transfer to a trip of lesser value, the difference will remain as a credit with Duende Naturál towards future travel. This program is available on all trips unless otherwise stated during registration.


If you cancel your attendance after January 19, 2018, no refund will be provided.


*Please note that trip itineraries are subject to change due to weather and other conditions*


Please feel free to forward this info to any friends of yours that might be interested in joining us for this trip.


The cost of the trip includes

 • Transportation and transfers to and from all locations in Costa Rica by a guide/driver.

 • Full accompaniment by a Duende Naturál staff person.

 • 6 nights of accommodations at the Blessed House Eco lodge outside of the town of Puerto Viejo.

 • Meals included in trip: 4 breakfasts, 1 lunches and 5 dinners


The cost does not include:

 • Airfare

 • Traveler insurance

 • Alcoholic beverages

 • Tips and gratuities

 • Evening transportation. Taxi's are available
 • 9" x 6" Tour recap photo book (mailed 6 weeks after. You can choose to order at registration.)


Puerto Viejo de Talamanca

Puerto Viejo de Talamanca is a mix of beautiful beaches, delicious food and nice night life. It is definitely an international beach. The Afro-Caribbean and the reggae culture is strongly influential in the region. Music lovers will enjoy dancing salsa, reggae, and all rhythms. Puerto Viejo has a huge beach for surfing with many opened- air bars. Puerto Viejo beach comes from Playa Negra, Salsa Brava, and Cocles beach to Uvita seashore.


Our tours are organized by Duende Naturál, the company was founded by a group of friends from Brooklyn, NY, that has been captivated by the unique beauty and magic of Costa Rica. We make a concerted effort to patronize African Diaspora and indigenous business owners by forming personal relationships with local providers and community organizers on the Caribbean Coast [tour operators, restaurant owners, activity outfitters]. In this way we are able to offer unique natural and cultural experiences & support the local community!


If you cannot make it on these dates, but would like to plan a visit alone, with a small group of friends or a romantic getaway with a significant other - we can help you plan that trip as well with our local Costa Rican associates & guides.


For further information and questions, please contact us at:

Duende Naturál Tours
US: +1 (516) 500.1874



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As men, we need to be challenged. We need group encounters to encourage one another to step up and deliver in life. We will identify and walk your path of self-confidence and self-awareness together.

Scheduled Daily Agenda

~ Subject to change due to weather and local factors ~


*Each day will start with yoga/meditation/exercise and ends with a group discussion.

We will have a few activities in between*

Mon.Feb.19 (Day 1): Arrive at San Jose Airport

• Our bus leaves San Jose Airport Terminal at 2 pm to Puerto Viejo. A Caribbean lunch will be provided.

• Dinner on the property will be prepared by our talented friend Rasta Chef Christian (estimated arrival, 7 pm). We’ll take some time to check in to our accommodations, unwind, meet, greet and answer any pending questions.

Tue.Feb.20 (Day 2): Organic Chocolate Farm

(Morning) Meditation with yoga and hike to observation deck

On our first morning will begin with a dynamic awakening morning yoga practice with meditation/breath work. After which the hearty can take a silent walking meditative 10 minute hike up to the observation deck and be blessed with the spectacular view of the Caribbean sea and surrounding jungle.


(Afternoon to evening) Organic Chocolate Farm

Experience the roots of Afro-Caribbean chocolate farming. This exceptional black owned organic artisanal chocolate farm offers hill-top breathtaking views of the ocean. We'll learn the process of how farmers go from cocoa bean to chocolate bar and we'll finish the day with organic chocolate brownies and plenty of goodies you can purchase to bring back to family and friends! This is an overnight trip.


Daily Challenge: This day’s activity will come with it’s own built in invigorating challenge!

Wed.Feb.21 (Day 3): Manzanillo Nat'l Park & Beach

(Morning) Mediation and Breath work

Mornings are so blessed here. We could be treated by the call of the howler monkeys or back and forth squawks of the toucans, and we will begin it with you in meditation and breath work.


Daily Challenge: Hike Manzanillo National Park and ocean side cave.


At the southeast corner of Costa Rica lies the unspoiled Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge, stretching to the border of Panama. Home to monkeys, sloths, a great variety of birds and much more. The area is rich with wildlife. It is also spectacularly scenic with cliffs, hidden beaches and caves along the water.


(Afternoon to evening)

Back at the resort, you'll have the option to relax and swim. We'll conclude the night with a late night fireside chat with massage therapist on site.

Thu.Feb.22 (Day 4): Cahuita Day

(Morning) Mediation and Breath work

Another amazing morning in paradise will begin with you in dynamic awakening morning yoga practice with meditation and breath work.


(Morning) Cahuita National Park

One of our favorite places to visit! You’ll be amazed by the wide variety of wildlife and plant species you’ll come across. When you’ve completed this amazing hike, take a swim and relax on the white sand beach which surrounds the park. The snorkeling here is also amazing!


(Afternoon) Cooperative Meeting

We'll spend the afternoon meeting and breaking break with the owner of the Afro-Costarican museum in Cahuita who is also a member of the local farming cooperative which we are a part off.

Fri.Feb.23 (Day 5):

Duende property: #BLACKLANDMATTERS

(Morning) Hike Duende Property

Take a 20 minute drive to our pristine 10 acre property in Punta Uva where you’ll hike and see the land we have purchased to develop into our Eco-lodge.


(Afternoon) Punta Uva Kayaking

Today we will rent kayaks and explore many of the rocky cliffs of the beautiful Isle of Cocles, which (if you bring shoes) can be climbed and jumped from.

(add. charge applies)


Daily Challenge: Kayak from Punta Uva to Arrecife beach.



Back at the resort, you'll have the option to relax and swim. We'll conclude the night with a late night fireside chat with massage therapist on site.

Sat.Feb.24 (Day 6): Free Day

• Have your pick of what you'd like to do on this day, spend your day at the pool, do some souvenir shopping in town or experience a number of exciting local activities: zip line, surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, horseback, ride an ATV and much more.

(add. charge applies)

Sun.Feb.25 (Day 7): Return Home

• Time to say goodbye to each other and this magical place... for now!! Return to San Jose, Bus leaves at 6am.


• If you aren’t taking this bus you must make your own arrangements back to San Jose.




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