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The Egypt on the Potomac Field Trip is a guided journey through Washington, DC that uncovers secrets hidden in plain sight. Did you know there is information and wisdom embedded throughout the visual make up of the city: in federal building architecture, street alignment, symbols on streets and buildings, and numerical patterns found throughout all of these elements, among others?


By examining this embedded information, and exploring aspects of African mythology, African American, American, and Washington DC history, the Field Trip illuminates the ancient Egyptian influence on the founding fathers of the United States of America, as well as their acknowledgment of the Nile Valley origins of civilization.


The three-hour Field Trip, which is sponsored by IKG Cultural Resource Center and was created by author and cultural historian Anthony T. Browder, consists of video segments and site visits (both on and off the bus). A facilitator guides participants to understand the story of DC’s history that is hidden in plain sight. Educational resources such as DVDs, books, and posters are available for purchase for further study both before and after the Field Trip. See more details.


What You Will See

Nile Valley culture lives in the monuments of the District of Columbia. You will see evidence of ancient Egyptian architecture, symbolism and philosophy that has been embedded in various monuments throughout the city …literally hidden in plain sight. You will understand how the shape, orientation and location of the District of Columbia reveals a plan, crafted by America’s founding fathers, designed to recreate the spiritual essence of Egypt along the Potomac.


The founding fathers of the United States borrowed aspects of Nile Valley symbolism and philosophy and wove them into the heart and soul of their new nation. Their intention was to recreate the spiritual essence of Egyptian civilization in America and along the banks of the Potomac River.


This Field Trip Reveals

• The True Meaning of the Washington Monument

• The Egyptian Origins of Architecture and Masonry

• The Spiritual and Astronomical Significance of 16th Street

• The Sacred Geometry and Symbolism in Meridian Hill Park

• The Masonic Influences on the Design of Washington, DC

• The Untold Contributions of Benjamin Banneker

• The African Symbolism on The Library of Congress


Cost of Trip

$137.50 Adults / $95.00 Children 13 and under.

$50.00 Registration up front, final balance payment due May 1, 2018.


If you're in the DC area and would like to meet us there the rates are as follows:

$98.64 Adults / $68.64 Children 13 and under.

**This is a family-friendly trip**


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Trip Details

July 2018 TBA at 5am sharp, we will depart from Brooklyn, New York on a tour bus to Washington, DC for the Egypt on the Potomac Field Trip with stops in Harlem and Newark, New Jersey. After the Field Trip, we will break for lunch and follow with an informational soirée detailing the efforts of Black Land Matters and Duende Naturál. Following this brief presentation, we will return that evening.
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If you cancel your attendance after April 1, 2018, no refund will be provided.


*Please note that trip itineraries are subject to change due to weather and other conditions*


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• 4:30am: Board bus in reserved destination in Brooklyn, Harlem, and Newark, NJ (departure sight will be relayed to guests)

• 5:30am: Leave for Washington, DC

• 10:30am: Arrive in Washington, DC

• 11am-2pm: Egypt on the Potomac Field Trip

• 2-4pm: Lunch/Free time and visit Anthony Browder's IKG Cultural Resource Center

• 4:30-6pm: Duende Naturál & Black Land Matters Informational Soirée

• 6-7:30pm: Dinner

• 7:30pm: Board bus for return to Brooklyn, New York

• 12am: Arrive in Brooklyn


The cost of the trip includes:

 • Transportation and transfers to Washington, DC and back.

 • Lunch and snack. We will have a list of restaurants to visit for dinner.

 • Full accompaniment by Duende Naturál staff.


The cost does not include:

 • Traveler insurance

 • Dinner or Free time incidentals

 • Alcoholic beverages

 • Tips and gratuities


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Duende Naturál Tours
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>> WATCH: Egypt On the Potomac Field Trip Introductory Trailer by Anthony T. Browder of IKG Cultural Resource Center


>> WATCH: The Classified Origin of D.C. by M'Bwebe Ishangi of Da Ghetto Tymz magazine


Egypt On the Potomac Field Trip Gallery

~ Subject to change due to weather and local factors ~


The Heru Bedhet

The Heru Bedhet, an Ancient Egyptian symbol meaning “Know Thyself,” can be found above the entrance to each ancient temple in Egypt. The same symbol, along with a carving of George Washington, is found in the Washington Monument. Could this be a coincidence?

Meridian Hill Park

Symbolism in the Park


Scottish Rite Masonic Temple on 16th St.

Do the Masons hold African culture sacred?


House of the Temple

How many African symbols can you find here?


Washington Monument

The largest African symbol in the city


Banneker Circle

Why is Banneker Circle so small?


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