1) How is Duende Naturál different from other tour experiences?

With all the travel options around, we know we have a few authentic reasons to come with us:

 • We give a unique experience outside of the office, and away from home

 • We love getting to know indigenous and local people and culture in different parts of the Caribbean and most
      importantly, supporting them with our dollars

 • We believe travel is an essential part of life and success

Duende Naturál's not just a travel company but a travel community. We're a community oriented family filled with ambition and ready to make memories with our guests you’ll have forever. We do this by taking you to an amazing place where instead of spending your day on a tour bus or a cruise ship you spend each day experiencing the area and the people.

The best part is you do this with a group of like minded people. We give everyone the chance to keep in touch through social media and local city events.


We don’t want you to just buy a tour, we want you to join a community.


2) Who should come on a Duende Naturál trip?

Attendees normally range from all ages young and old. We host professionals, creative types, ambitious students, entrepreneurs, as well as motivated young people just figuring it out.


While some come alone, lots of people come with family, friends, significant others, or anything in between…


3) We heard Duende Naturál has great tours, how so?

The mission of Duende Naturál is to make it as easy as possible for more young people to see the world. We know how hard it is to take off work and pay for travel. Here’s how we’re helping you overcome those obstacles:

 • Many of our tours overlap the weekend or holidays so you take off minimal time from work or school.

 • $300 deposits secure your spot, you can pay the rest in installments. Full payments are due 30 days before

   departure date.

 • If you needed to alter your trip, you can switch your departure date to any future trips. All transfers

   must be paid in full.


4) How does booking flights work?

You are responsible for booking your flights for arrival and departure on the tour (flights are never included in our prices). After registration, we will send out flight booking instructions that details when you should plan to arrive and depart. This helps us coordinate the group at the airport. Each trip has different flight instructions so feel free to ask for details!


If booking a flight outside of our designated times you may be responsible for your own transportation costs to and/or from the airport.


5) What if I want to change my trip?

Duende Naturál gives you a one time transfer which is available up to 30 days before departure date of your original date. To qualify for a transfer, your original tour must be paid in full for your original booking. If you transfer to a trip of lesser value, the difference will remain as a credit with Duende Naturál towards future travel. This program is available on all trips unless otherwise stated during registration.


6) What are your deposit and refund policies?

All trips offer you the chance to reserve your seat with a $300 deposit. After the deposit has been paid, the remaining balance is due 30 days before departure. Failure to pay your trip balance on time will result in the loss of your deposit and seat on the trip.


All trips are non-refundable prior to attending.


7) What is the difference between the deposit and early signup prices?

All trips offer you the chance to reserve a seat with a $300 deposit. This holds a seat at the full price of the trip NOT the discounted early signup price.


Early sign up prices are a little gift for those that register early and pay up front. They save you approximately $200 off the full price and must be paid in full at the time of registration for the trip. They are offered until 30-60 days before the trips departure date unless otherwise stated.


*The only exception is if there is a promotion running, in which case different deposit terms are clearly stated*


8) What’s included on your tours?

Please see individual trip pages for details. Every trip includes all accommodations during the experience, daily transportation, airport pickup and drop-off, local guides, and Duende Naturál's staff.


9) What’s not included?

Airfare to the destination, incidental expenses, alcohol, a few meals, and any entrance or departure fees into the destination country.


10) Are there snacks provided?

Guests are responsible for providing their own snacks in between meals.


11) What should I pack?

We supply guest with a complete list of suggested things to bring. Upon registration for a trip, we'll send you a Trip Packet complete with daily schedule of events and packing list.


12) Do I need to be able to speak Spanish?

Most Costa Rican's speak Spanish but you'll find on the Caribbean Coast and it's rich historic connection to the island of Jamaica, Patois or Jamaican Creole is spoken. It wouldn't help to brush up on a bit of Spanish, but all-in-all, you will be fine.


13) What about travel insurance?

Each Duende Naturál attendee will be responsible for booking their own travel insurance prior to attending our trips.


Duende Naturál strongly urges all our guest to purchase individual travel insurance. This is not covered by Duende Naturál. Travel insurance covers flights delays, cancellation and airline specific issues. Most importantly it will cover personal injury, medical expenses, loss of or damage to luggage, repatriation expenses, evacuation expenses, theft and travel hazards. This can be purchased from your airline provider or from a travel insurance broker. We recommend HTH travel insurance @ https://www.hthtravelinsurance.com/index.cfm


Please note that you have the choice to use any travel insurance provider you’d like as long as you send us proof of insurance, as it is required for our trips.


14) Are your locations safe?

We wouldn’t bring you anywhere we wouldn’t go ourselves. And yes, precautions should always be taken when traveling abroad. Our staff has extensive experience in the locations we visit and are accompanied by locals. That being said, everyone needs to be responsible and conscientious of their own well-being.


15) Can I bring a friend/family?

Yes! We love when our community grows. Any friend of yours is a friend of ours. We will make sure your lodging consists of you staying in the same room too.


16) Will I have a roommate?

Depending on how many come with you. If alone, yes. Duende Naturál's tours are designed for ambitious people who want to connect with each other and make friends from around the world.


17) How will I receive trip details?

Lookout for our Welcome Packet that will be sent to you via email. Final details including emergency contact information, resort address and phone number, packing list, instructions for booking airline tickets, information about the destination, and other travel tips will be shared in this packet.


18) Do trip schedules or activities ever change after my booking?

Yes. While we try to stay as close to the schedule as possible, everything on the trip is subject to change due to weather and local factors.


Any further questions?

Want to request more information on Duende Naturál? Email tripguests@duendenatural.com





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